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Defective Medical Devices

Defective Medical Devices

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Medical devices can help patients regain their quality of life after suffering an illness, injury, or loss of function because of old age. From hip implants to pacemakers, there are so many amazing products out there designed to help patients recover and thrive. Sadly, medical malpractice can lead to the misuse of these products, and device defects can pose a danger to your health, causing serious injury or death in the process. Some medical devices that are designed to improve your quality of life may instead hinder it if these devices fail to work as designed.

The Chicago defective medical device lawyers at Walner Law® know that when a medical device is defective, the results can be tragic. Our firm is committed to providing you with personal attention, dedication to your product liability case, and a successful outcome.

Patients who have medical devices have already undergone surgery to have that device implanted. If this device malfunctions or is suddenly considered dangerous, additional surgery may be required to remove and replace the defective medical product. This secondary surgery can be risky if your health is already in jeopardy and can lead to serious medical complications. It can also add to the medical bills that you’re currently struggling to pay for the defective product, the first surgery, and now, the second surgery.

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Common Defective Medical Devices

Over the past 10 years, there have been hundreds of medical devices that have been recalled in the United States due to defects.

Some of these dangerous medical devices include:

  • Pain pumps
  • Medicine pumps
  • Pacemakers
  • Artificial disks
  • Artificial hip replacements
  • Silicone implants
  • Heart stents
  • Artificial knee joints
  • Heart valves
  • Hernia patches
  • Defibrillators
  • Implantable contraceptives and intrauterine devices

These dangerous products can produce a wide range of side effects that affect a patient’s health. Revision surgery, death due to defective design, and other serious repercussions are quite common when these medical devices made by a negligent medical device manufacturer are introduced to the body. If you have any of the above and you’ve noticed serious side effects, our personal injury lawyers are just a phone call away!

What Are the Most Common Injuries Caused by Faulty Medical Devices?

The above illustrates just how many medical devices can provide life-saving support when manufactured correctly and just how many can do harm when the manufacturer doesn’t guarantee the quality of said devices. But while you might have a better idea of which products can do extensive harm to the body if there are flaws in their designs, what are the most common injuries that you might suffer at the hands of these devices?

Some of the most common injuries stemming from faulty medical devices include:

  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Blood clots
  • Infection
  • Tissue or bone damage (especially in the case of implants like defective hip implants)
  • Allergic reactions to the devices
  • Organ loss
  • Chronic pain
  • Disability
  • And more…

Simply put, medical negligence on the part of medical device companies can have serious consequences for patients. Fortunately, there are legal options out there to help you navigate medical malpractice lawsuits. But what causes these product defects?

What Makes Them Defective

Many cases of defective medical devices are a direct result of the product manufacturer’s negligence. Oftentimes, companies become eager for approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) so they can begin selling their products, and they fail to perform the appropriate tests or conduct the necessary research. They may know or suspect that a defect is present but not perform tests that would reveal the defect.

When a device is recalled, it does not always have to be surgically removed. If you find that your medical device is defective, you can discuss with your doctor the risk of removal and the risk to your health if that device malfunctions.

Defective medical devices may also be sparked by budget cuts. If further testing is needed and there is not enough money to conduct these tests, a company may recall its product. Design defects that are not discovered until after the product has hit the shelves may also prompt a massive product recall.

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