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Posts in February, 2016

Feb 24

Distracted Driving: Understanding The Illinois Cell Phone Laws

It is important to know and understand how the relatively new Illinois law on banning cell phones applies to you. According to the Illinois Department of ...

Feb 17

Wrongful Death: What You Should Know

When a loved one passes, there is always an emotional toll. Regardless of what caused your loved one’s death, you are left with lost support ...

Feb 10

Product Liability: The Roadmap To Understanding The Auto Recall Process

Vehicle recalls have increasingly become a common drawback within the automobile industry, however, many auto owners are not fully aware of the risks and effects ...

Feb 03

Medical Malpractice: Role Of Expert Testimony

Medical malpractice claims involve misconduct or negligence in providing appropriate medical care. The Common causes of malpractice cases include, but are not limited to: Intentional ...