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Posts in Defective Products

Nov 21

Conagra Sued Over Defective Cans Of Cooking Spray

Chances are, you have used PAM and other cooking sprays as you prepare meals for yourself and your family. While these products may seem harmless, ...

Feb 10

Defective Product Attorney Chicago

All companies, whether they are designers, manufacturers, or distributors, are expected to do their part in providing consumers with safe and reliable products. If they ...

Jun 22

Product Defect: What You Need To Know About Product Liability

As consumers, we make a lot of purchases. By the time a product hits the shelves and makes its way into your life, it has ...

Apr 13

Hoverboard Dangers And Product Liability Cases

Hoverboards are the tech toy everyone’s clamoring over right now. From talk shows to YouTube, young and old, everyone is jumping on the not-so-hovering technology. Now, one ...

Feb 10

Product Liability: The Roadmap To Understanding The Auto Recall Process

Vehicle recalls have increasingly become a common drawback within the automobile industry, however, many auto owners are not fully aware of the risks and effects ...

Jan 28

Purchase A Dangerous & Defective Product? You May Need An Attorney

There are so many products on the market today that it can be difficult to choose which ones will be right for you, or give ...

Apr 17

What To Do After Being Hurt by a Defective Product

Our Chicago defective product lawyers understand what makes for a successful case, and we know what can torpedo an otherwise promising claim. One of the realities of ...