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Posts in Workplace Accidents

Jul 01

Work Injury Lawyer In Chicago

What should a person do if you injured at the workplace? Many businesses have specific programs aimed to avoid work-related injuries of their employees. Safe ...

Jan 29

Workplace Injuries Chicago

Becoming hurt in a workplace injury can be a traumatic experience. You may be worried that your employer is going to retaliate against you if ...

Aug 11

What if I Was at Fault in My Workplace Accident?

The state of Illinois operates what is known as a no-fault workers’ compensation law. This means that you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits even if ...

Jan 09

Common Workplace Injuries In Illinois

Every workplace poses some opportunity for injury. Some workplace injuries are minor, requiring little more than a bandage. However, many workplace accidents result in serious injury and ...

Dec 29

How Do I Get Lost Wages After A Workplace Injury In Illinois?

The fastest way for most injured Illinois workers to replace lost wages is to file a Workers’ Compensation claim. However, Workers’ Compensation only replaces a ...