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The Dangers Of Urban Driving In Chicago

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Chicago is one of the world’s great cities. Millions of tourists flock here every year. But while we’re all proud of Chicago’s status as a destination city, this status only exacerbates the dangers associated with driving in urban areas. Our car accident lawyers see this every day. Driving in the heart of Chicago can be a somewhat […]

The Liability Of A Pool Owner

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With summer officially under way, Chicagoland residents are looking to cool off at Lake Michigan and at the swimming pool. Swimming pools are a wonderful way to cool off during the summer heat, however serious injuries can occur if pools are not operated, secured, or maintained properly. These injuries can include everything from brain injuries, […]

The Importance Of Firework Safety In The Summer

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With summer here, it’s a given that there will be fireworks- and lots of them. While being in awe of the dazzling lights in the sky can be memorizing, it can be easy to forget how dangerous fireworks actually are. They are, after all, explosives. Many personal injuries result from the use of fireworks . […]

The Illinois Nursing Home Care Act

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Helping a loved one move into a nursing home or long term care facility can be nerve racking for anyone. There are always concerns about the care your loved one is receiving and everyone has heard the horror stories of abuse and neglect for the elderly. However, you can have peace of mind knowing that […]

Medical Malpractice: The Problem With The Lack Of Informed Consent

As a patient, you have a right to know the potential risks of any surgical procedure before allowing a doctor to operate. Although doctors are required to obtain consent from patients before performing surgery, they are also required to ensure that you are in fact “informed”. This means that as a patient, a doctor has […]

Animal Bites, Attacks And The Law

We never think it could happen to us. But sometimes, a freak accident can occur and you may find yourself the victim of a dog bite or animal attack. If you own a dog or have been attacked by one, it is important to know what happens next. If You Are A Victim Of An […]