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Posts in February, 2014

Feb 26

Illinois Medical Malpractice Statute Of Limitations

In the state of Illinois, medical malpractice claims must be filed within two years of the date an injury is discovered. However, all medical malpractice claims, regardless ...

Feb 23

What are the Risks that the FDA Has Identified for Bed Rails

Bedrail entrapment is one of the lesser-known, but most serious forms of nursing home abuse and neglect. One of the many ways that nursing homes ...

Feb 23

Why is Nursing Home Neglect a Common Cause of Dehydration?

Unfortunately, nursing home neglect is a cause of dehydration. In order for everything in the body to function properly, there needs to be enough hydration. ...

Feb 23

How Can Choking Episodes Be Prevented At Nursing Homes?

An unfortunate part of aging is the difficulty that eating can become for patients. Mealtimes are an important time for socialization and nourishment, but without ...

Feb 23

What Can I Do if I Suspect Someone in a Nursing Home is Suffering From Malnutrition?

It is sad to say that many nursing home residents do suffer from malnutrition, but you can make a difference. For a variety of reasons, ...

Feb 23

How Can I Reduce Group Home Abuse And Neglect?

One of the first questions that families have when they suspect that group home abuse and neglect may be occurring is how to prevent it ...

Feb 23

Why are Dropped Patients Such a Big Nursing Home Injury Incidence?

It is a sad fact that dropped patients are a common cause of nursing home injuries. In nursing homes, there are frequent needs that require ...

Feb 23

Who Is Responsible For Pressure Sore Injuries In Nursing Homes?

A safety and health tactic that is commonly used in nursing homes to prevent pain and injuries is regular posture turning and monitoring of wounds. ...

Feb 14

Choosing A Chicago Medical Malpractice Attorney

The laws surrounding medical malpractice are incredibly complex. Due to their complexity, medical malpractice claims are often dismissed before they reach trial, often as a result of ...

Feb 05

What are Some Requirements for a Safe Living Environment for an Illinois Nursing Home?

Nursing homes bring families much comfort and peace of mind. It is very reassuring for loved ones to be in an environment to live out ...