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Posts in October, 2019

Oct 17

How Pregnancy Affects The Financial Liability Of A Car Accident

It’s every mother’s dream to have a normal pregnancy that results in the birth of a happy, healthy baby. However, complications may arise beyond the ...

Oct 09

How Is Cancer Diagnosed?

Cancer is a serious and common medical condition. In 2018, more than 1.7 million Americans were diagnosed with some form of cancer. More than 600,000 ...

Oct 08

Medical Malpractice In Emergency Rooms: What You Need To Know

In an emergency, every second is critical. You may rush your loved one to the emergency room and hope for the best. Emergency situations are ...

Oct 02

University of Chicago Loses Medical Malpractice Case, Forced to Pay $2.6 Million

When a person goes to the doctor because they are experiencing symptoms, they hope to figure out what is wrong with them. They rely on ...

Oct 01

How To Prevent Pedestrian Accidents

Walking from place to place is a great way to save money on gas and get some much-needed exercise. However, being a pedestrian is not ...