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Posts in November, 2019

Nov 26

Dangers Of Nursing Homes

People are often hesitant to put their loved ones in nursing homes, and for good reason. While we expect that our loved ones would get ...

Nov 25

Know Your Rights In A Nursing Home

If your loved one is in a nursing home, you may be concerned about their care. Maybe you feel as though they are being neglected. ...

Nov 22

Illinois Nursing Home Sued For Taunting Patient With Dementia

We expect that when we make the tough decision of putting our beloved family member in a nursing home, they will be treated with respect ...

Nov 21

Conagra Sued Over Defective Cans Of Cooking Spray

Chances are, you have used PAM and other cooking sprays as you prepare meals for yourself and your family. While these products may seem harmless, ...

Nov 15

Dog Bite Incidents On The Rise In Illinois

Many people consider their dog to be man’s best friend, but not everyone feels that way. While many dogs are friendly and loving, some are ...

Nov 14

Brain Injury: Symptoms And Treatment

A brain injury is something that can happen at any time and affect a person’s life in a dramatic way. Most brain injuries occur during ...