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Posts in September, 2019

Sep 25

When Defective Vehicles Cause Accidents

Unfortunately, the products we use on a daily basis can sometimes stop working as intended. Defects can even happen to the cars we drive. A ...

Sep 24

Common Causes Of Truck Accidents

We rely on semi-trucks to deliver food and goods to stores and other locations. However, these trucks are huge and can cause serious accidents. These ...

Sep 18

DUI In Illinois

Although all motorists know not to drink and drive, many still do. They leave a bar or party after drinking too much and instead of ...

Sep 17

Cook County To Approve $3 Million Medical Malpractice Settlement

When a person dies due to the negligence of a doctor, their surviving family members have the right to receive compensation for their loss. A ...

Sep 12

When Emotional Stress Becomes an Illinois Workers’ Compensation Claim

Injuries or illnesses sustained while on the job are covered by workers’ compensation. To be sure, both physical and emotional trauma are eligible for benefits. ...

Sep 11

3 Types of Non-Economic Damages of an Illinois Personal Injury Lawsuit

St. Clair County jurors recently awarded George Buchanan $7.15 million on May 9, 2019. Mr. Buchanan was significantly injured and disfigured after a head-on collision ...

Sep 05

Differences Between Wrongful Death And Survival Action Damages

One of the biggest issues in a wrongful death lawsuit is related specifically to the types of compensation to the decedent’s estate or beneficiaries. The ...

Sep 04

Proving Your Food Poisoning Lawsuit In Illinois

Spending the night out at a restaurant is a great way to unwind with loved ones and friends. However, the night can quickly change if ...